Our pharmaceutical grade supplements are made with the highest quality of vitamins and nutrients. Even by eating healthy and taking care of our bodies, there can always be deficiencies or processes that can affect our nutritional daily values. That’s why we use supplements to help your body function properly and to help you feel your greatest.

Getting your vitamin and nutritional levels optimized is a major step towards feeling your best. They are needed at a cellular level to help your body work correctly, like giving you energy, or keeping you hydrated.  Studies show that supplements can fight and prevent illnesses, health conditions and even cancer!

While we carry supplemental vitamins and nutrients in a capsule form, we also provide IV therapy to meet your needs. IV therapy has numerous advantages over supplemental form.  The IV goes straight into your bloodstream, bypassing the liver allowing high levels of absorption and quicker results. Based on your blood work we can customize nutritional IVs with what your body actually needs. IV’s are most helpful for those who are or who have:

  • had gastric bypass
  • problems with absorption
  • elderly
  • athletes
  • chronic fatigue
  • chronic illness

For all you athletes, we even provide supplements for recovery after tough workouts!