Specialized Testing


Specialized testing looks beyond the general blood work and labs. Learning more about your genetics, nutritional deficiencies and predisposition to certain illnesses gives us the knowledge to customize a treatment and prevention plan specifically for you. Your genetic makeup is the basic building block of your body’s individual structure. It can tell us information on how well your body handles certain medications, nutrients, bodily functions and even if your predisposed to Alzheimer’s Disease or cancer.

Spectracell is a specialized test we offer that checks your vitamin absorption and range on a cellular level instead of just levels in the blood stream. This gives us clues into what specific deficiencies you have, how these affect your health and how to customize a treatment plan for you.

We also provide specialized testing for food allergies ages 6+ and common allergy testing to help you manage your exposure and contact with those that don’t agree with you. Treatment can greatly improve seasonal allergies too.

Neurotransmitters are responsible for sending messages between our brain and body and testing has proven to be helpful for getting your mood, sleep, concentration and even weight back to it’s prime level. Testing can even tell us what antidepressants are right for you without all the trial and error.