Health symbol for additional services


We provide a variety of additional services to bring out the best physical, emotional and mental you! Wellness entails more than just your typical doctor’s check up. We not only focus on western medicine, but also on using alternative medicine to meet your needs. Our other areas of service to help you feel better and stay better are:

Blood Pressure

Managing your blood pressure can increase your life span and keep you from developing various health conditions.


Focusing on your glucose maintenance and keeping your blood sugar at normal levels can help prevent further complications of diabetes.

Internal Medicine

We strive to identify the root cause of your health concerns, prevent others from happening and make sure you get the right treatment to keep you in optimal health.


Acupuncture is a great way to decrease your stress level and pain, bring mental clarity, emotional stability and combat various ailments.

Joint Injections

Joint injections to decrease pain and stiffness will help with your joint mobility.

Mole Removal

With relatively quick recovery time and little to no risk of scarring, removing those bothersome moles are beneficial for your health and self confidence.


Stitches are never fun to get, but we can check to see whether they are necessary and take special care to make them as painless as possible.